Estimated Initial Investment

$29,500 = Initial Fee:  This fee covers, but is not limited to, the grant of your exclusive territory, ongoing support, research and development, new products and procedures and trademark protection for the term of your ten year contract.

$19,500 = Start-Up Fee:  This fee covers initial training costs for up to two people, the initial supply of your equipment, supplies, stationary, marketing presentation pieces, and uniforms that you will need to start your business. 

$0 – $20,000 = Van:  You need to have a white cargo van.  The cost of your van will vary depending on whether it is used, new or leased.

$700 – $3,000 = Van Setup:  The low fee covers graphic installation on exterior of van and the higher fee includes interior work station setup, including compressor and generator hookup. 

$800 – $2,100 = Pre-Opening Travel and Initial Training:  You will have travel and lodging expenses while you are training at CCI corporate.  We provide instructors and instructional materials, but you will need to arrange for transportation, hotel accommodations, and food for yourself and employees as well as any wages for the employees.  The cost will depend on the distance you must travel and the type of accommodations you choose. 

$750 – $3,000 = Insurance:  This estimate is for annual expenses of $3,000, calculated on a quarterly basis.  In rare cases you must pay the entire annual premium initially.  The premiums are for auto, business and general liability insurance.  The low figure is based on quarterly payments, the high figure is on annual payments.  The insurance rates will fluctuate depending on the state and city in which you live.

$0 – $2,500 = Office Equipment and Office Supplies:  This figure covers fax machine, voice mail, copy machine, scanner, digital camera and a computer and Microsoft Works and QuickBooks Accounting software.  The low estimate assumes you will use personal equipment for business. 

$0 – $450 = Telephone and Online Access:  You will need a business telephone line, answer machine or voice mail.  The low estimate assumes you will use personal equipment for business.

$50 to $250 = Opening Advertising:  Before opening the Franchised Business, you must have or place an advertisement in the classified or yellow pages of the local telephone directory, or internet service, under ‘vinyl repair’ and ‘leather repair’ categories. 

$250 to $750 = Inventory Replacement:  We supply you with Start-Up Supplies that should last for approximately three months.  These figures show an estimate of the cost to replace used inventory during the first three months of operation. 

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