Franchise Success Stories

Four years ago I had reached the end of my professional rope. As the father of four children, a part of me died every time I missed a school play or a sporting event because I was unable to attend due to a rigid work schedule. The hours were long, the pay was mediocre, and I felt like I was trapped. I needed a change.

After much prayer, I took a personality survey that told about me. I found out what my strengths and weaknesses were. It revealed what type of businesses I would be most likely to be successful in. Armed with that information, I took to the Internet, surfing for hours, requesting brochures, and making phone calls. I found the web page for Creative Colors International and called for the information.

The day I received the packet in the mail, I received a phone call from Joann Foster. I must admit, it was the most low keyed sales call I had ever received. It was also the only personal call I received from any of my inquiries. That impressed me. In the months that followed as I prepared to buy a business, Joann was always available and was great at calling from time to time. After my visit to the office, I was confident I could be a successful Creative Colors International franchisee, partly because of ambition and desire, and certainly because of the support I would receive from the “Home Office.”

Steve Walker's Letter

Four years later, I must say I have not been disappointed! Today, I am considered the best at my trade in my territory. I have never lost an account to my competition. I cannot help but believe it was because of the superior training and through Creative Colors International constantly staying on top of the industry seeking out newer, better ways for me to serve my customers. I especially look forward to the field visits from Gino, who has become more of a friend than a business associate. He pushes me and challenges me at every opportunity as well as instructs me in all the new procedures and products.

Today, I can include myself in the 10% – 15% of the American public that is happy in their business or employment. Not only am I fulfilled in my work, but I no longer miss those school, church, and sports functions I had been missing. Above all, I have the freedom to serve my fellow man through the ministries of my church. You can’t put a price on this.

Thank you Creative Colors International for giving me my life back.

Steve Walker
Creative Colors International
Valparaiso, FL