Guidant Financial

Third Party Financing

Creative Colors International offers third party financing thru the SBA, In-House, and Retirement Funded programs. SBA is a participant in the Small Business Administrative Franchise Registry, commonly referred to as the SBA Registry.

The SBA’s Franchise Registry is a good example of helping small business owners through cooperation between government and industry. The Registry lists names of franchise companies whose franchisees enjoy the benefits of a streamlined review process for SBA loan applications. Loan applications for registered franchisors can be reviewed and processed quickly and efficiently. Small business owners get better service and quicker loans. This listing will ensure expedited loan process for franchisees and prospective franchisees obtaining SBA financing.

Retirement Funding 401k

Guidant’s AudeoTM Plan allows Guidant clients to purchase a franchise using retirement funds without being subject to taxes or penalties – thus reaping the benefits, tax deferred. In addition, Guidant facilitates the process of obtaining an SBA loan, HELOC, or unsecured loan up to $75k through our nationwide professional network. Please contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your franchise funding options!